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Inspiring nature lovers and active people to travel to the most beautiful parts of the world – one smartphone photo at the time.
Let me help you attract the right visitors and make sure their expectations are on point – so you have an even better chance for them to leave with a WOW-feeling.
Inspire the right people to visit your business

I help local businesses in stunning scenary to attract nature lovers and active adventurers. A real landscape photo taken from the perspective of your visitors is truly powerful.

Real landscapes
Real expectations

My specialty is landscape photography. I use my smartphone to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of our world for you to experience the beauty of nature firsthand.

WOW! Did you take that with a smartphone?!”

I love hearing my friends asking this question… and I love helping people take better photos, so they go home and rave about your beautiful part of the world to their friends.

Latest Series:

Explore my extensive gallery of stunning images. Each photo is composed and thoughtfully edited to bring out the unique character of the landscape it portrays. From rugged coastlines and serene forests to towering mountain peaks and vast deserts, each image invites you to step into the scene and experience the beauty of our world from a new perspective.


The Emerald Whisper

This collection is a tribute to the timeless beauty of forests. I’ve always been fascinated by the quiet drama that unfolds within these verdant realms. “The Emerald Whisper” explores the intricate details and wide vistas of forests around the world.

Summit’s Call

Mountains have always held a certain allure for me. “Summit’s Call” is a collection of photographs taken from various mountain ranges worldwide, each image echoing the majestic solitude and awe-inspiring grandeur of these natural giants.

Shoreline Stories

With “Shoreline Stories,” I invite you to join me on a journey along the world’s coastlines. Here, the sea meets land in an endless dance of flow, creating landscapes that are as diverse as they are beautiful. Each photo tells a unique story of life at the edge of the sea.

Desert Solitaire

This collection showcases the serene vastness and intense beauty of deserts from around the globe. These vast, seemingly barren landscapes are, in fact, brimming with life and subtle hues that change with the shifting light. 


”I purchased a print from the ‘Shoreline Stories’ collection, and it’s simply breathtaking. The quality of the print is excellent, and the image itself brings a sense of calm and serenity to my living room. It’s like having a window to a beautiful, peaceful world.” Thomas M

“I commissioned a project for my company’s marketing campaign, and the results exceeded my expectations. The images are not only beautiful but also effectively convey our brand’s message. It’s clear that this is not just a profession, but a passion. Highly recommend”  Sarah L

About ME

Hi, my name is MC, and I am a landscape photographer, who specializes in taking stunning landscape photos with only a smartphone.

I seek to inspire people to see the world, and I help businesses that are located in beautiful surroundings and landscapes, to attract more nature lovers and active people.  

Let’s create something amazing together


Copenhagen, Denmark